SimulStream Registration

SimulStream Registration

If you are installing on the Microsoft Vista operating system, some SimulStream registration utilities may not run. Please contact ViewCast support if you encounter a problem.

Osprey 210, 220, 230, 300, 440, 500 family level hardware

After purchasing SimulStream for any of these Osprey video capture cards, you can enable SimulStream through a registration utility.

If your SimulStream key is formatted in the form “iAHRr-WJDv7-nt+hC-Y9rxo-gYHx”

Download the Osprey SimulStream Registration Utility (v1.1.28)
View the Osprey SimulStream Installation Instructions

If you have a SimulStream key formatted in the form "txx sxxxxxxxx ksxxxxxxxx Osprey-xxx SimulStream"

Download the GetSimulStreamKeyLite utility

SimulStream for Osprey 240e, 260e, 450e, 460e

SimulStream for the Osprey 240e, 260e, 450e, and 460e capture cards can only be enabled at the time of purchase prior to shipping.

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