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Deliver video to your audience anytime, anywhere.

Today, consumers across the globe expect immediate access to every kind of media – voice, data and video – on their cell phones, mobile devices and notebook computers. Broadcasters, news services, mobile carriers and other multimedia content providers are investing millions to reach this large and rapidly growing audience. Whether your mobile audience is streaming live rock concerts, watching late-breaking news or viewing informational Webinars, video is the medium that takes the mobile experience to the next level.

Niagara® SCX offers adaptive streaming technology.

An enhanced version of ViewCast’s powerful streaming media management software supports HTTP-based adaptive streaming to Apple® iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® mobile devices. Features include integrated segmenting, adaptive bit-rate encoding, support for CDN authentication protocols, and built-in encryption. Niagara SCX software supports all of the most popular media formats, including Adobe® Flash® Dynamic Streaming, Windows Media®, 3GPP and others.

At the heart of Niagara SCX is the "iPhone Live Media Publisher" component, which includes built-in MPEG-2 Transport Stream file segmenting and HTTP-based upload capabilities. The "iPhone Live Media Publisher" multiplexes encoded audio and video packets into multiple GOP-aligned, simultaneously output, MPEG-2 Transport Stream (M2TS) files, including one audio-only M2TS file. AAC audio encoder and H.264 video encoder configuration is made easy by profiles included in Niagara SCX. The M2TS files, along with their associated manifest files, are uploaded to major Content Delivery Networks (CDN) using CDN-specific authentication. Content protection is available via built-in AES-128 encryption.

This capability markedly improves the live streaming delivery experience for both broadcasters and iPhone users. By eliminating the need for an external stream segmenter, encoding workflows are simplified and overall system costs reduced.

To ensure the best streaming experience for the user and audience, start with ViewCast encoders.

Niagara 7550 features.

The Niagara 7550 features a sleek, innovative touch control interface with contextual menus that streamline and simplify the operation of this high-powered streaming system. The Niagara 7550 features SD and HD SDI video, balanced/unbalanced analog and AES/EBU digital audio, and eight stereo pairs of embedded SDI audio. You can switch on-the-fly between incoming SD and HD video, and stream in multiple bit-rates and resolutions simultaneously in Windows Media (Silverlight® compatible), Adobe Flash H.264, 3GPP and other popular formats.

Portable mobile encoders make streaming simple.

For mobile TV and remote video streaming, ViewCast recommends our Niagara 2200, Niagara GoStream® SURF and Niagara 4100.

The Niagara 2200 is packed with many of the same powerful features found in ViewCast’s other professional-grade streaming appliances. The Niagara 2200 adds veratility by providing a choice of Windows Media or Adobe Flash, as well as MPEG-4 and H.263. In additiona, the Niagara 2200 has the capability to configure the encoded output as a Transport Stream. At the size of a half rack wide, and only 1U tall, the Niagara 2200 fits easily into any live production environment.

The rugged and portable Niagara GoStream SURF offers a wide range of features and functions to make Internet streaming to computers and mobile devices push-button easy for even the most novice user. The self-contained unit comes standard with our exclusive architecture, featuring simple A,B,C buttons preset to your favorite encoding profiles.

The Niagara 4100, a rugged, portable streaming system, can ingest SD or HD video sources through its SDI input, and accomodates a variety of audio input formats, including embedded SDI, AES/EBU, and balanced or unbalanced stereo.

Powerful packages with professional features.

The Niagara 9100 series is a high-density/high-performing multiple encoder platform that can be configured with up to eight independent channels for the maximum density you will find anywhere.

The Niagara Pro II is the next generation in professional-grade video streaming appliances. This appliance offers powerful processors and a large memory capacity, taking professional streaming to the next level. With two independent channels, the Niagara Pro II allows you to capture SDI video and encode multiple full-resolution (D1) streams.

Reach the broadest audience with an optimum viewing experience.

SimulStream® is a premium driver upgrade that delivers digitized audio and video content from Osprey® video capture cards to multiple applications at the same time. Niagara SCX, together with SimulStream, enables you to create multiple streams in different formats in real time, giving you the flexibility to create exactly the right content for your various audiences. You can encode different streams for broadband Internet distribution, enterprise communications, or custom streams for mobile devices – all at the same time.

ViewCast customers include some of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, enterprises, educational institutions and government entities. And these organizations rely on ViewCast solutions each day to deliver millions of high-quality video streams to viewers all around the world. You can too.

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