Internet TV

Expand your audience

More and more, our mobile society is consuming media via the Internet and mobile devices. One such broadcast method that broadcasters are successfully employing is Internet TV. Internet TV is the delivery of professionally produced media over the public Internet and is usually viewed on a PC, laptop, or mobile device. Its advent represents a disruptive transformation that completely alters the broadcast landscape - technically, economically and culturally. Perhaps the most important aspect is the economic change. The cost for a content owner or aggregator to deliver a new channel to a broadly dispersed audience has been reduced by many orders of magnitude using Internet TV as compared with IPTV, cable, satellite, and terrestrial broadcast methods.

The professional's choice

The advantages of Internet TV go further than capital expenditure savings. It is the ideal mode for broadcasters, local affiliates and advertisers who have longed for a model where audiences can be effectively measured and segmented. Networks/studios, narrowcasters, content delivery networks, enterprises and government entities are all discovering the growth and strategic benefits that come with Internet TV, such as:

  • Expanding reach to grow audiences
  • Reaching audiences directly and interactively
  • Engaging customers more deeply through rich media communications
  • Repurposing television ads for the Web
  • Savings from the cost barriers associated with traditional broadcast distribution systems
  • Expanding video conferencing reach to large audiences
  • Delivery of training content instantly, on demand, to any location
  • Delivering executive messaging to internal and external audiences

Uncompromised quality

ViewCast has been a leader in the streaming technology industry since its inception. Our Niagara® Pro II is designed for maximizing an Internet TV deployment.

The Niagara Pro II is called the professional’s choice because it has enjoyed huge popularity with professional broadcasters for live and on-demand streaming. With the powerful Niagara Pro II fastidious attention has been paid to every detail to ensure quality media output that is second to none. It is equipped with intelligent, innovative features, such as simultaneous streaming in a variety of formats, and two separate audio and video channels to capture and encode two independent full D1 high-quality streams. Simply put, the Niagara Pro II rewards the user and the audience with the optimal in streaming quality and flexibility.

Some of the biggest names in broadcast and business have relied on ViewCast products for years. You can too.

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