Communicate more effectively

Companies across the globe are discovering that to succeed in the modern era of business more effective communication is needed - with employees, customers, shareholders, partners and other channels - many of whom are scattered across the globe. With Internet TV and webcasts you can achieve this level of communication. And with ViewCast, a leader in streaming technology, you can achieve this easily.

Communication strategies

Just consider some of the digital communication strategies companies are employing, with great success, using our VMp Live, Niagara® 9100 series, Niagara 7550, Niagara Pro II, Niagara 2200, and Niagara GoStream® SURF:

  • Engaging customers more deeply through rich media communications
  • Expanding video conferencing reach to large audiences
  • Delivering training content instantly, on-demand, to any location
  • Repurposing television ads for the Web
  • Reducing support costs by adding video to on-line support initiatives
  • Delivering executive messaging to internal and external audiences

These are just a few process-improving strategies. There are countless more current and future communication enhancing possibilities that you could dream up with ViewCast's VMp Live, Niagara 9100 series, Niagara 7550, Niagara Pro II, Niagara GoStream SURF and Niagara 2200.

Streaming Media Appliances

The Niagara 9100 series is a sleek, 1RU, ultra high-density/high-performing video encoder platform. This video encoder series streams SD and HD video and enables service providers, broadcaster and enterprises to power digital content for existing and enw audiences in the mobile, web and IPTV environments.

Video streaming from high-definition video sources has reached a new level of quality and performance with the Niagara 7550. Designed for professional broadcasting applications, this powerful streaming appliance simplifies the complex workflows often associated with the transformation and delivery of high-definition video over IP and mobile networks.

The Niagara Pro II is called the professional’s choice, because it has enjoyed huge popularity with professional broadcasters. But it is also perfect for professionals in business that need to project the utmost image. It captures, encodes, streams and archives professional grade digital video and audio. It provides simultaneous streaming in multiple resolutions at multiple data rates in multiple streaming formats, including Windows Media, Adobe® Flash® and 3GPP mobile formats.

With the Niagara GoStream SURF, your company can really be on the move. It’s the most powerful portable streaming appliance available. It offers simultaneous Internet and mobile streaming in multiple resolutions, multiple formats and at multiple bit rates. All in a small, light, yet extremely durable self-contained unit. With the Niagara GoStream SURF, your company can stream from anywhere and reach your audience everywhere.

Built on the same hardware as the Niagara 2100 and 2120, the Niagara 2200 adds versatility by providing a choice of Windows Media or Adobe Flash, as well as MPEG-4 and H.263. In addition, the Niagara 2200 has the capability to configure the encoed output as a Transport Stream. The Niagara 2200 is an ideal fit for analog inputs and standard definition output. Its webcasting capabilities make it an affordable and flexible solution for encoding to conetnt delivery networks (CDNs), localhigh schools and churches, and for public, educational and government (PEG) applications. The Niagara 2200 replaces the Niagara 2100 and 2120.

Some of the biggest names in broadcast and business have relied on our products for years. You can too.

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