Digital Signage

Improve your digital messaging.

The savvy early adopters of digital signage and digital signage integrators are already seeing the benefits of how this medium can affect audiences. We already know that broadcasting looped video/animated images via digital billboards/signage is a highly effective method of attracting viewers. So how can you top that? By adding live streaming video content to your digital messaging.

Providing real-time information on topics such as weather, traffic, financials or late-breaking news, adds a more compelling component to an already eye-catching visual medium. The in-motion element catches your audience’s eye, but the live, news-worthy information holds their attention. What better way for an enterprise or government body to effectively deliver crucial communications?

To ensure success in the digital signage industry, all signs point to ViewCast, a leader in streaming technology since its inception. The ViewCast Niagara® Pro II, Niagara 2200, and Niagara GoStream® SURF give you the superior performance and flexibility to take full advantage of current and future opportunities presented by streaming to digital signage.

The Niagara Pro II captures, encodes, streams and archives professional grade digital video and audio. It provides simultaneous streaming in multiple resolutions at multiple data rates in multiple streaming formats, including Windows Media®, Adobe® Flash® and 3GPP mobile formats.

The Niagara GoStream SURF gives you mobility. It’s the most powerful portable streaming appliance available. It offers simultaneous Internet and mobile streaming in multiple resolutions, multiple formats and at multiple bit rates. All in a small, light, yet extremely durable self-contained unit. With the Niagara GoStream® SURF you can stream from anywhere and reach your audience everywhere.

With the Niagara SCX® remote management software, users can setup and control streaming systems throughout an enterprise or over the Internet with a single interface for multiple encoding and streaming formats, including uncompressed AVI capture to file, Adobe® Flash® capture-to-file, Windows Media® (Silverlight® compatible) and RealVideo® capture-to-file and stream.

To optimize your Niagara Pro II and Niagara GoStream SURF, add Niagara SCX SDK - innovative software that enables you to manage and direct live video broadcasting over IP networks. The Niagara SCX SDK provides you with a single, unified suite of tools and example applets to simplify the creation, delivery and management of compressed audio and video media ideal for today’s growing multimedia-rich market. Niagara SCX SDK also allows you to specify and directly interact with the capture hardware to control video input and output reference size, cropping, horizontal and vertical delay, color space, logo/watermark, closed-captioning, time code extraction and audio pre-scaling.

Ensure your success in the digital signage field - call ViewCast for the best in streaming technology - the same technology the biggest names in broadcast and business have relied on for years.

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