Content Delivery Networks

Maximize your investment.

You’ve built the network. You have the bandwidth. So how do you maximize the value of your investment? By filling your pipes with video streams. Video streams drive bits and ViewCast technology has been driving superior quality video streams since the industry’s beginning.

With the building blocks of video, bandwidth and large audiences, you are positioned to be the TV network of the future. The ViewCast Niagara® 7550, Niagara® Pro II, Niagara 4100, Niagara 2200, and Niagara GoStream® SURF can help you achieve this and more by simplifying and automating the process of creating Internet TV and mobile video content. So, through this innovative technology you can grow revenue in a variety of ways. Consider:

  • Becoming the new delivery network for Internet TV
  • Enabling your customers to create live and on-demand content for delivery over your network
  • Simplifying the management of encoders located outside your data center

What’s more, the Niagara Pro II, Niagara GoStream SURF and Niagara 2200 can deliver cost savings to you by:

  • Using Internet uplinks from suitably equipped remote sites
  • Integrating encoder management into your content management platform
  • Centralizing management of distributed encoders
  • Using a single solution to encode in multiple formats

Actually, with ViewCast's Niagara Pro II, Niagara GoStream SURF and Niagara 2200, digital strategies for generating revenue are countless.

Imagine the programs you can create or the savings you can achieve with the Niagara Pro II. It’s called the professional’s choice because it has enjoyed huge popularity with professional broadcasters. But it is designed for any media streaming need where exceptional quality and features are demanded. It captures, encodes, streams and archives professional grade digital video and audio. The Niagara Pro II delivers simultaneous streaming in multiple resolutions at multiple data rates in multiple streaming formats, including Windows Media/VC-1, Adobe® Flash® and 3GPP mobile formats.

You may also want to get on board with a portable streaming solution. The new Niagara GoStream SURF really opens doors for companies on the move. It’s the most powerful portable streaming appliance available. It offers simultaneous Internet and mobile streaming in multiple resolutions, multiple formats and at multiple bit rates. All in a small, light, yet extremely durable self-contained unit. With the Niagara GoStream SURF you can stream from anywhere - and reach your audience everywhere.

With the masses counting on you for reliable digital content delivery, it’s critical you get reliability and quality from your streaming technology partner. The choice here is ViewCast. Our streaming technology has been relied on by the biggest names in broadcast and business for years.

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