Video streaming control and management.

Niagara SCX® video streaming software is a great way to manage live video broadcasting over IP and mobile networks including live adaptive streaming to Apple® iPhone® and iPad® mobile digital devices. The latest version of Niagara SCX introduces adaptive encoder support for Microsoft® Live IIS Smooth Streaming and PlayReady® Digital Rights Management (DRM) support as well as advanced profile setting with H.264 encoding.

Deliver video anytime, anywhere.

Niagara SCX will markedly improve the live streaming delivery experience for both broadcasters and iPhone users. By eliminating the need for an external stream segmenter, encoding workflows are simplified and overall system costs reduced.

(Please note that Niagara SCX features vary between
Niagara models.)

Want more control options? Check out the ViewCast Niagara SCX software development kit (SDK). Niagara SCX SDK empowers you to create your own unique user experiences by integrating your own applications and workflows.

Like no other.

Niagara SCX gives you an unprecedented level of local or remote control. View the captured video on-the-fly, check and adjust key audio and video settings, select A/V inputs and configure profiles that determine capture size, frame rate, data bit rate speeds and CPU loads.

The Niagara SCX video streaming software gives you a high level of flexibility and convenience. When it comes to streaming, you can never have too much control or too many options.

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