Niagara 4100 SCX upgrade with Priority Support

SKU: 95-02063

Niagara 4100 Upgrade from Niagara SCX V6.0 to V7
Support and Maintenance with Priority Support

The upgrade to Niagara SCX® 7.x is for Niagara products only. Delivery requires the system serial number and product registration. The price includes 1 year of annual Niagara SCX software support and maintenance (95-02023). Niagara SCX 7 adds features such as MPEG2 TS encoding and extended SNMP MIB. Users can access the system through a web interface, SNMP management application or a local client interface. The software supports Adobe® Flash® H.264, Microsoft® Windows Media® (Silverlight®), and MPEG-4. One copy of Niagara SCX is required per encoding system.

Price: $2,500.00

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