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Enterprise-class Digital Asset Management

ViewCast Media Server provides a single, end-to-end digital asset management solution to manage the entire lifecycle of your media – ingest, transcode, schedule, archive, manage, search, publish and deliver your video and other digital assets anywhere over the network.

With a powerful production client, robust workflow capability , and an enterprise-class architecture based on IBM Content Manager, ViewCast Media Server has the power and scalability to meet any digital asset management requirement. Dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, educators, small businesses and public sector organizations have chosen ViewCast to help meet their media production, management and distribution needs.

True Enterprise Architecture

ViewCast Media Server utilizes IBM Content Manager (CM) as its middleware and repository. CM seamlessly facilitates user management, security, data modeling, storage management, workflow and integration with other enterprise systems.

Video and Audio Indexing and Transcoding

ViewCast Media Server provides the best video transcoding and indexing support among today’s top digital asset management (DAM) providers. ViewCast Media Server is fully integrated with leading products, such as Telestream FlipFactory™ to provide a closed-loop and managed process for ingesting, transcoding and indexing audio and video content. Whereas most providers rely on “hot folders” or monitored directories to exchange content with these systems, ViewCast Media Server has plug-ins that integrate with these systems.

Searching and Viewing

Several search methods are available in ViewCast Media Server. Not only can users search how they like – basic attribute searching, Boolean searching, full-text searching like Google, with operators and wildcards, but they can also search virtually every attribute related to their assets. ViewCast Media Server indexes all of the metadata, contents and time-based data like closed-caption text, converted speech, and more. For audio and video, results are displayed showing highlighted search terms and corresponding timecode, allowing the user to view or listen to the asset at that point.

Content Distribution

ViewCast Media Server provides sophisticated content distribution functionality. You can create any number of destinations, each with specific properties for name, access control, enclosing folders, etc., and you can schedule the delivery of the content for a specific date and time. When distribution requests are made they are managed in the “background” to streamline operation.

Content Editing

ViewCast Media Server allows users to edit select content right through the Web interface, eliminating the need to download the assets and use desktop authoring tools for simple edits. Video assets can be edited using our browser-based, rough-cut editors. These edits can then be applied to the original asset to produce a new asset, or the edit decision list can be exported to a non-linear editing system. Also, users can assemble custom PowerPoint presentations by selecting desired slides from one or many other presentations.

Workflow and Business Process Management

The workflow and business process management capabilities in ViewCast Media Server are the best available in DAM solutions today. The underlying capability is provided by IBM Content Manager and is a subset of the industry-leading Websphere/MQ Series portfolio from IBM. Customers are able to model the most complex business processes from beginning to end, defining how content, tasks and communications will flow and how the process must interact with external systems, even in an automated fashion. In terms of facilitating everything from simple to the most complex business processes, you will not find a more reliable and robust DAM solution anywhere.

State-of-the-art Power and Flexibility

Built on IBM’s powerful and robust Content Manager, ViewCast Media Server provides the best-in-class solution for your asset management needs.  Able to interface with your existing business processes in a multitude of ways, VMS represents the state-of-the-art in DAM.