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ViewCast Media Extensions

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Managing media content just got easier.

Existing Workplace and Workplace XT clients for IBM Filenet P8 and eClient for IBM Content Manager provide little or no support for previewing Microsoft® Office documents or managing media content.
ViewCast Media Extensions allows you to easily and inexpensively preview your Adobe® PowerPoint presentations.
Now, adding media to insurance claims, distributing approved marketing content, or distributing video-based training is quick and easy. You no longer need to download files first, install plug-ins or thirdparty applications, or leave your Workplace, Workplace XT or eClient environments.

View thumbnails and previews of images and documents.

ViewCast Media Extensions includes thumbnails and previews for more than 100 image formats. Preview multi-page MS Office and PDF documents without installating a separate plug-in or viewer application. And, you can quickly navigate and preview all individual pages with animations intact.

Stream audio and video.

With only the web browser Adobe Flash media player installed, you can stream audio and video without leaving the IBM ECM client. ViewCast Media Extensions supports all major codecs and formats. It has standard player controls for setting volume, pausing/resuming, scrubbing, and full-screen viewing. It’s never been so easy to add streaming media to your IBM ECM Web client interface.

ViewCast Media Extensions


Easily add Digital Asset Management capabilities to your IBM ECM client: Workplace, Workplace XT or eClient

Advanced ingest processing

The ViewCast Media Extensions’ content processors efficiently convert your source media
to new formats for web viewing. It supports all common input and output formats. You can store your original files
un-modified in the IBM ECM repository along with the newly-created derivatives. Metadata, such as IPTC and EXIF, is
also extracted and stored in the repository.

Easy deployment and support

The solution can be deployed in your existing ECM environment by your IT staff. No
need for professional services from ViewCast or other service providers. The changes to the existing environment are minimal so future upgrades and technical support are virtually hassle free.

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