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Mobile TV/Video

Moving Into the Future of Video

Today’s mobile professionals and enthusiasts expect immediate access to every kind of media - voice, data and video - on their cell phones, PDAs and notebook computers. It’s a massive new audience that broadcasters, studios, news services, mobile carriers and other multimedia content providers are investing millions in to reach. And this audience is growing rapidly.

Whether your mobile audience is rocking to the latest concerts, watching late-breaking news or viewing Webinars, video is the medium that takes the mobile experience to its next level. Mobile TV and video offer network service providers, broadcasters, content delivery networks, enterprises, and government the ideal method to effectively and efficiently distribute video, now and in the future.

ViewCast provides industry-leading technologies that allow you to deliver video to your audience anytime, anywhere, via mobile devices or the Internet.

To ensure the best streaming experience for the user and audience, start with ViewCast encoders. For mobile TV and video, ViewCast recommends our Niagara® 2100, Niagara GoStreamSURF, Niagara Pro II and Niagara 8224.

The Niagara GoStreamSURF is designed for capturing on location audio and video in demanding environments. They offer simultaneous Internet and mobile streaming in multiple resolutions, multiple formats and at multiple bit rates - all in a small, light, yet extremely durable self-contained unit.

The Niagara GoStreamSURF is the most powerful portable streaming appliance available. It’s ideal when multiple broadcast quality streams are needed.

The Niagara Pro II is known as the professional’s choice because it has enjoyed huge popularity with professional broadcasters. But it is also perfect for professionals in businesses that need to project the utmost image. It captures, encodes, streams and archives professional grade digital video and audio. It provides simultaneous streaming in multiple resolutions at multiple data rates in multiple streaming formats, including Windows Media, Adobe® Flash® and 3GPP mobile formats.

The Niagara 8224 is the ViewCast high-density media encoder, designed and optimized to capture, encode, stream and archive premium-quality audio and video on up to eight channels at the same time. This powerful system is the ideal choice for simultaneously creating select combinations of full - and CIF-resolution streams for your most demanding multi-channel applications, such as, streaming multiple traffic cameras for state and local government and remotely viewing surveillance cameras for security, military and law enforcement.

Stream with success - stream with ViewCast. Some of the biggest names in broadcast and business have relied on ViewCast products for years. You can too.