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Forge your digital brand.

The mass media marketplace is undergoing a historic transformation. The traditional broadcasting model has shifted as we enter a new world of consumer control - where time-starved viewers are demanding news, sports and entertainment on their schedules via the Internet, mobile devices, DVR, and on-demand video. This new digital media arena is wide open and presents a vital opportunity for broadcast companies to maintain and grow their market share - and forge their digital brand.

Internet TV and mobile video give broadcasters the critical means for segmenting their audience and tracking consumer information - data coveted by advertisers. Further, they enable viewer interaction, open new marketing avenues and expand reach beyond conventional coverage areas, allowing unlimited audience growth.

As a global leader in the streaming media industry, ViewCast has been at the forefront of innovating professional solutions tailor-made for broadcasters. Our Niagara® encoders and Osprey® capture cards have been relied on by the biggest names in broadcast for years.

Currently, strategic-minded content providers from traditional print, radio, and television are vying for consumers’ digital hearts and dollars. Don’t lose your place in the new media world - own it instead. Contact ViewCast today for a streaming media solution that works for your company.

For the network or studio wanting to capitalize on the Internet TV and mobile video boom, the professional’s choice for live and on-demand streaming is ViewCast Niagara Pro II. With the powerful Niagara Pro II, fastidious attention has been paid to every detail to ensure quality media output that is second to none.

Niagara Pro II is equipped with intelligent, innovative features such as simultaneous streaming in a variety of formats, and two separate audio and video channels to capture and encode two independent full D1 high-quality streams. Simply put, the Niagara Pro II rewards the user and the audience with premium Internet TV quality and flexibility.