EGW Writings for PC

EGW Writings for PC

The Complete Published Writings of Ellen G. White. A free app on Android devices

EGW Writings is a unique and remarkable app designed to enrich your spiritual journey. It offers easy access to a vast collection of literature, including textbooks, inspirational content, and more. This guide dives into the features and benefits of EGW Writings, shedding light on its many offerings.


About EGW Writings For PC

EGW Writings: An All-in-One Spiritual Library

What You Can Expect from EGW Writings

EGW Writings provides a diverse library that covers a wide range of spiritual and practical topics. From health and wellness to leadership and prayers, there's something for everyone. The app is especially noteworthy for its collection of works by Ellen G. White, a notable author in Christian literature. Users can explore a variety of books, including "The Great Controversy," and other influential texts, all in one place.

Why Stick with This Version?

EGW Writings has evolved over time, but many find the older version to be more user-friendly. This version offers a more intuitive navigation system, making it easier to find and read the materials you're interested in. Unlike newer versions, the older edition allows users to disable automatic updates, giving you control over your reading experience and preventing unwanted changes to the text.

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Customization and Themes

For those who read in low-light settings, the app offers customization of themes to reduce eye strain. Users have expressed appreciation for the dark theme feature, which can be adjusted to make the reading experience more comfortable. Having a dark theme with a softer text color, such as brownish-yellow, helps make long reading sessions at night more pleasant.

Comprehensive Content for Every Aspect of Life

EGW Writings isn't just about religious texts; it addresses various aspects of daily life. Whether you're looking for guidance on diet, health, relationships, or personal growth, this app has you covered. The wide array of topics ensures that there is valuable content for everyone, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.

Easy Accessibility and Multi-language Support

One of the standout features of EGW Writings is its multi-language support. This makes it easier for users from different linguistic backgrounds to access the content they need. Additionally, the app is designed to be a mobile library that you can carry with you wherever you go, putting helpful literature right in your pocket.

Areas for Improvement

While EGW Writings is highly praised, there are a few areas where it could improve. Users have noted the absence of front cover images for some downloaded books and occasional glitches with the copy function. Better translation quality, especially in languages like Afrikaans, would also enhance the user experience.


Is EGW Writings free to use?

Yes, EGW Writings is free to download and use. It offers valuable content without any subscription fees.

Can I turn off automatic updates?

Yes, in the older version of the app, you have the option to disable automatic updates, giving you control over your content.

Does EGW Writings support multiple languages?

Yes, the app supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience. However, improvements are needed in some translations.

What kind of content is available?

EGW Writings offers a range of content covering health, leadership, prayers, and inspirational topics, among others. It includes works by Ellen G. White and other respected authors.

Is the app suitable for night reading?

Yes, EGW Writings includes a dark theme for comfortable night reading. Color adjustments can be made to reduce eye strain.


EGW Writings is an incredible tool for anyone seeking spiritual growth and guidance. With its diverse content, user-friendly design, and customizable features, it stands out as a reliable digital library for all your spiritual needs. Whether you're looking to enrich your daily life or deepen your understanding of religious texts, EGW Writings is the perfect companion on your journey.

How to Install EGW Writings for PC

How to Install EGW Writings on PC

EGW Writings is primarily a mobile app designed for smartphones. However, you can run EGW Writings on your computer using an Android emulator. An Android emulator allows you to run Android apps on your PC. Here's how to install EGW Writings on your PC using Android emuator:

Download Android Emulator:

Visit any Android emulator website. Download the latest version of Android emulator compatible with your operating system (Windows or macOS). Install Android emulator by following the on-screen instructions.

Set up Android Emulator:

Launch Android emulator and complete the initial setup, including signing in with your Google account.

Install EGW Writings:

Inside Android emulator, open the Google Play Store (it's like the Android Play Store) and search for "EGW Writings."Click on the EGW Writings app, and then click the "Install" button to download and install EGW Writings.

You can also download the APK from this page and install EGW Writings without Google Play Store.

Run EGW Writings on PC

Use EGW Writings on PC:

You can now use EGW Writings on your PC within the Anroid emulator. Keep in mind that it will look and feel like the mobile app, so you'll navigate using a mouse and keyboard.

Download EGW Writings